USA Rugby Scholarship - Brendan Mullen

📹 Video Highlights

Hi Everyone - Thanks for visiting Brendan's page. Above is a short video from the past two years showing a few match highlights of Brendan's game play & skills at Campion school and Old Brentwoods Rugby club.

Please read on to hear how what started as a sports club hobby when he was just 4 has progressed to a Rugby scholarship to study in the US 🇺🇸🏉


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We need to raise all we can towards his £15k annual Fees so every penny counts...

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🇺🇸 Living the American Dream...❤️💙❤️

We are extremely proud of Brendan as he has gained a Rugby/Academic scholarship in the US to study his four year degree in Sports Exercise Science.

This is an amazing opportunity for Brendan and we are working hard to fund the balance of his scholarship award.

Being a different system in the US means that fees will be similar to university costs in the UK despite the scholarship award. This means that Billy & I will be working x2 jobs and raising funds wherever possible for the £15k annual fees for Tuition/Travel and Living costs. 

Brendan is not work shy either and has been saving through part time work & will be working on Campus in the US. 

We hope through his story and by following his journey you might be inspired to help him as he lives out his dream and plays rugby for the university there 🏉🇺🇸

💛🖤 AIC Scholarship Journey....

So the process of applying to the College has been an interesting journey so far and definetly not for the faint hearted.

Brendan's Dad started the ball rolling, no pun intented, after contacting the Head Rugby coach at AIC.

Then followed a skype interview & forwarding a video of his rugby skills.

After completing his online admission form, submitting his personal statement & including written recommendation from his Headmaster, we finally found out Brendan had been offered a scholarship place at AIC!!

Next will begin the process of application for his American visa - So exciting!! 🏉👨🏻‍🎓


💙🇺🇸♥️ Brendan’s moving in date August 14th 2019 suddenly, reality hits home ...

🏉 Following in the feet of Rugby Giants...

A Rugby ball was always going to be the ball of choice in the Mullen household. Although Brendan's Dad had some early success as football goalie in his childhood, it was discovering Rugby in his late teens that got him hooked so inevitable then that his sons would end up playing rugby. 

Brendan has been inspired by many sporting greats in Rugby over the years including the mighty New Zealand All Blacks team and legends Sam Tomkins & Gavin Henson alongside some other Rugby Giants at his own Old Brentwoods Rugby club.

You might recognise a few familiar faces in the photos below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


🏉 Brendan with Leeds Rhino player Rob Burrows

🏉 Rugby World Cup & photos with former legends...

Above are photos of Brendan with The Old Brentwood's Team on a day out to see the Rugby World cup with former World Cup players Jason Leonard and Jeff Probyn & Paul Rendall. Memorable moments with sporting Legends and a piece of history.  

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CAMPION School’s wall of influence ♥️🖤

It's impossible to write about Brendan's passion & love of Rugby without mentioning his senior school Campion. 

Traditionally, the school has always been closely associated with Rugby even having compulsory school attendance on saturdays for training and matches. 

The school's strong Catholic faith has an impact on all the students alongside its positive ethos which ensures the boys develop a love for the game and a respect for each other and their coaches. This attributes to the reputation and high standards that Campion upholds and expects from its team players. 

This July Brendan has been selected as part of a 45 strong Rugby Team from Campion going on Tour for three weeks to AUS-NZ-SIN. Whilst there the boys will play against local school teams and experience the culture of each country. 

A fitting end to Year 13 before the boys go their separate ways to Universities, apprenticeships and to follow other career paths 🏉





Like Father like Son...

Brendan's Dad Billy has always been a proud supporter of Brendan's achievements as Dad, Coach and advisor. Being able to play for OBRFC together at his Dad's old club has been a particular hightlight for sure. 


Brendan's final game of the season with OBRFC. A perfect ending playing with his Dad, who came out of Rugby retirement to play alongside Brendan in what might be his last game on UK soil for the next few years 💙💙

⏰Back to the Future 📆

Brendan started playing Rugby Union for Brentwood Club when he was 4 and spent summer’s playing Rugby League for Brentwood Eels and finally found his home with Old Brentwoods

Here are some photos of his younger days playing with his Teams...


👬Brothers in Arms

One of Brendan’s biggest fans is his little brother Liam who is going to miss him so much when he moves to the US. Thankfully, with the modern world of skype and watsapp, they'll be able to keep in touch whenever they can 💙💙


🙋🏻‍♀️Message from a Rugby Mum🏉

Hi there, thanks so much for reading to the end of Brendan’s blog page. I hope you now have a better understanding of our family life and Brendan’s passion & commitment to his game of Rugby.

I need to offer an explanation for our funding page as we are asking for help to support his journey. The US College system is very different to that in the UK. Despite Brendan’s Rugby scholarship, he is very reliant on himself and the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ for the balance of his fees.  

In August, when Brendan begins studying abroad, he will not be entitled to the UK student loan system and because he is not a US citizen, he is not entitled to any student grants in the US either. So, we now need to raise as much as possible towards his £15k annual Fees for Tuition/Travel/Living costs out there for the next four years.  

We are extremely proud of Brendan’s decision to study abroad and feel it is a bold move at almost 18 to leave all he knows and embrace the challenges of college life. As parents, we have spent many weekends in all kinds of weather to support his dream so far and after his Degree, when he returns to the UK, Brendan hopes to become a Rugby coach or sports nutritionist or a physiotherapist if he doesn't pursue the sport professionally along the way.

I write to you now as a supportive Mum in the hope that you will understand my goal to help Brendan. I have watched him over the years go through the emotions of winning and losing, falling down and getting up for more. Relying on his Team mates in the game and gaining friendships for life.

I’ve watched him overcome a knee injury and subsequent operation and almost give up when he thought his chances were over. But then I’ve seen him triumph with determination & to exercise hard when his spirit was broken and come back with a stronger mindset and fitter than before. 

This is Brendan’s Blog page and link to his funding page - every pound/ every dollar counts at this stage so any shares would be gratefully received

Thanks so much to everyone in advance for your support

Michele x